3 to 9 Days - depending upon your need.
(Less than minimum not available on rush service items.)
EXP Footballs EXP Soccer Balls EXP Hockey Puck
EXP Baseballs EXP Basketball Sets EXP Rally Hands EXP Rally Fans

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#EXP Football 3 - Nano
(3" Long, 3.75" Arc Length)

#EXP Football 4 - Micro
(4" Long, 5" Arc Length)
(formerly #201TDS)

#EXP Football 5 - Pee Wee
(5" Long, 6" Arc Length)
(formerly #119TDS)

#EXP Football 6 - Mini
(6" Long, 7.5" Arc Length)
(formerly #120TDS)

#EXP Football 7 - Middie
(7" Long, 8.75" Arc Length)
(formerly #123TDS)

#EXP Football 8 - Large
(8" Long, 10" Arc Length)

#EXP Football 9 - Standard
(9" Long, 11.5" Arc Length)
(formerly #125TDS)

Football colors: (subject to availability)
solid brown, white/red, white/royal, white/orange, white/purple, white/athletic gold, white/black, white/maroon, white/navy, white/light blue, white/kelly and white/forest.
#EXP Basketball 2.5 - Micro
(formerly #202TDS)

#EXP Basketball 3 - Pee Wee
(formerly #129TDS)

#EXP Basketball 4 - Mini
(formerly #130TDS)

#EXP Basketball 5 - Middie
(formerly #132TDS)

#EXP Basketball 6 - Large
(formerly #131TDS)

#EXP Soccer Ball 2.5 - Micro
(formerly #203TDS)

ONLY black and white micro soccer balls available.

#EXP Soccer Ball 4 - Mini
(formerly #140TDS)

ONLY black and white mini soccer balls available.

#EXP Soccer Ball 6 - Large
(formerly #141TDS)

ONLY black and white large
soccer balls available.

3" Hockey Puck

ONLY solid black hockey pucks available.

#EXP Baseball 2.75
(formerly #150TDS)

ONLY solid white baseballs available.

#EXP Baseball 2.5 - Micro
(formerly #204TDS)

ONLY solid white baseballs available.

#EXP Micro Basketball Set 331
(formerly #134TDS)

Set includes:
2.5" Micro orange ball,
4.5" orange hoop, 6.3" wide backboard,
net and mounting accessories.

#EXP Large Basketball Set 335
(formerly #135TDS)

Set includes:
4" Mini orange ball,
9.5" orange hoop, 16.75" wide backboard,
net and mounting accessories.

18" Rally Hand
15" Rally Hand

Only available using our standard full color football, basketball, baseball and soccer ball backgrounds with no special effects.

Series 8 EXP Rally Fans

Only available using our spot color
(or full color at an additional charge, see pricing)
baseball, golf ball, basketball, soccer ball, volley ball, tennis ball, bowling ball and football backgrounds with no special effects.

*All Series 8 EXP rally fans are a maximum of 8" wide X 11.5" inches high, width may vary depending on shape.


Note: In order to view our printing templates you will need a PDF viewer (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) on your computer. If you don't have it you can download a free copy here. Because our printing templates pop up in a separate window you may be prompted to allow pop ups in your browser.

8" EXP RALLY FANS - Spot Color/Full Color
EXP Rally fans
Baseball, Golf Ball, Basketball, Soccer Ball, Volley Ball, Tennis Ball, Bowling Ball and Football