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Super Economy Tab Handle Poms
(2" x 4.82" tab handles) - rectangular shape. Handles made from 4mm thick corrugated plastic.

Pee Wee Poms
(2" x 4 3/8" tab handles) - rectangular and contour shapes. Handles made from .060" styrene.

Mini Poms
(2" x 6" tab handles) - rectangular and contour shapes. Handles made from .060" styrene.

Stick Poms
11" and 15" long handles, available in both 4mm Economy and 8mm Deluxe.
Handles made from corrugated plastic.

Double Ended Poms
12", 16" and 24" long handles. 8mm Deluxe only.

Mascot Poms
18" long x 6" wide and 7.25" long x 3.5" wide, available with both 4mm Economy and 8mm Deluxe handles.

Super Economy Stick Poms - 10.4" long x 1" wide. 4mm Economy Handles only.

Streamer length is approximately 10.5" to 11" long.
All our standard and deluxe poms have a streamer count of 500.
Economy streamer count of 250 also available.
500+ streamer counts available at an additional charge.

Our available streamer colors:

Brown - close to 175
Forest Green - close to 349
Maroon - close to 229
Kelly Green - close to 347
Yellow - close to 109
Light Purple - close to 819
Teal - close to 315
Athletic Gold - close to 137
Purple - close to 275
Faux Metallic Silver - N/A
Gold - close to 130
Light Blue - close to 285
Faux Metallic Gold - N/A
Burnt Orange - close to 1655
Columbia Blue - close to 292
Pink - close to 223
Orange - close to 172
Royal Blue - close to 287
Red - close to 186
Navy Blue - close to 539

*This chart is for near approximation of PMS colors only, as streamer colors can vary from lot to lot.

Due to the large variety of colors we offer there may be occasional inventory shortages. Please confirm color availability with us when placing an order.

Our Rally Poms are GREAT for:

Sporting Events, Pep Rallies, Fund Raisers, Homecoming Events, Reunions, Church Meetings, Concerts, Political Rallies, Parties, Auctions, Store Openings, Marches, Conventions, School Assemblies, Dorm Rooms and Restaurants - anywhere and anything to show support! Printed with lead-free inks!

Discover the advantage of our eye-catching full color - - make a statement and get noticed!!!