All of our products are Prop65 compliant!

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*product markings will vary from lot to lot and based upon government requirements.

CPSIA Requirements

New requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) effective August 14, 2009, are aimed at making children's products safer. Significant changes to the regulation include a reduction in the lead limit in children’s products and an increase in civil penalties for violating the standards.

The changes in place are in the following categories:

Lead in Children's Products
Lead in Paint and Similar Surface Coating Materials
Tracking Labels
Civil Penalties/Fines

The limit for lead in children's products drops from 600 parts per million (ppm) to 300 ppm. Following the new CPSIA guidelines, it will be unlawful to manufacture, import, sell, or offer for sale, a children's product that has more than 300 ppm of lead in any part (except electronics) that is accessible to children.

Lead in Paint & Similar Surface Coating Materials

The limit for lead in paint and similar surface-coating materials for consumer use drops from 600 ppm to 90 ppm. The lead paint limits also apply to toys and other articles intended for children as well as certain furniture products. Products subject to these limits cannot be sold, offered for sale, imported, or manufactured after August 14 unless they meet the new lower lead limits.

Tracking Labels

Another requirement of the CPSIA guidelines involves tracking labels on products. Manufacturers are now responsible for place permanent distinguishing marks (tracking label) on any consumer product primarily intended for children 12 and younger made on or after August 14. The permanent marks must enable consumers to ascertain basic information, including the manufacturer or private labeler, location, the date of manufacture, and more detailed information on the manufacturing process such as a batch or run number. The permanent distinguishing marks must appear on the product itself and its packaging to the extent practicable.

Civil Penalties & Fines

As of August 14, 2009, civil penalties increase substantially to a maximum of $100,000 per violation and up to a maximum of $15 million for a related series of violations.